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Raynor's Hilltop Farm is a very nice place. I love all of the horses, they have been raised very well. It's very nice & neat!!! I have learned alot from here, and I LOVE IT!! I am very excited to go to summer horse camp this summer at the Raynor's Farm!!
 - Kelsey Painter
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There comes a point in every rider's life when he/she wonders if it's all worth it. Then one look at the horse, and he/she realizes - it is.
 - Kelly Stewart 
     My husband and I are relative late comers to the horse owner lifestyle, and really novice horse people, deciding in our late 50's that this is what we wanted to do. 
     Sharon was there with us at the beginning of our journey.  She patiently worked with us, teaching us on our chosen horses, and helped give us a good foundation. Unfortunately, not long after purchasing our horses I had a fairly serious horse related injury and was hesitant about ever riding again...thinking, OK, I do love these horses, but I'll love them from the ground.      But Sharon came out to visit one day and convinced me that I could get back on and ride again.  I was a nervous wreck, but I finally did it, knowing that she was right there.  She gave me the confidence to ride again and continue my journey with my horses from the saddle and not just from the ground.  That was two years ago and today I am happily riding and enjoying every moment with these magnificent creatures. 
Sharon knows horses and truly loves them and she loves people and is attuned to their needs and abilities.  I'll be forever thankful to Sharon for getting me back on my horse...I never dared dream that I would ever have this comfort level with horses. 
Thank you, Sharon, and God bless you and your horses and the people that come into your life.
You have a special gift and you make in difference in the lives you touch.
Nancy Waldron
Contact Us:   312 Fairview Road, Gore, VA 22637-1912 Phone: (540) 336-4070
Horse Owners of our Horse Boarders, hours are flexible to visit their horses. All other services are by appointment.
I have known Sharon and Tom Raynor for many years 
on a personal basis and a business basis 
and it has always been a positive experience.
Barb Sullivan New York
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Raynor's Hilltop Farm

My daughter Erin and I took lessons for several years and Erin was involved with the Riding Club at farm.

Sharon Raynor always gave above and beyond what would be expected .  We payed for an hour lesson and she must have spent closer to two hours with us.  Her program included bringing the horse into the barn, grooming and tacking as well as riding instruction and ended with untacking and putting away.  Sharon is very professional yet personal and very organized. The first lesson was all about horse handling and grooming for riding.  Safety was always stressed.  Her teaching methods were such that it was easy to learn and love the sport and the horses.  The program was excellent preparation for owning a horse of our own.  Students were expected to learn to be responsible for them selves , the horse and the tack. She became a valued mentor to us. It was a pleasure to be a pupil and a friend we were sorry that she and her family moved out of New York State.  The horses and the farm were always well cared for, neat and clean.

The riding club was open to any of the children who were in the program and were interested in learning more.  It was setup like a 4-H or Pony Club.  Sharon always had a lesson appropriate for each age group. Always  organized and always fun.  Erin was involved with the Riding Club.

I would recommend Raynor's Hill Top Farm and Sharon Raynor to anyone.

A. Dawn Theisen-Good
172 River Road 
Potsdam, NY  13676

Owner of two horses, Dawn's First Flight, 22 year old American Warmblood, and Seminole Chick Indio,"Champ",13, Registered Paint.

Very friendly, knowledgeable, affordable and well taken care of. Definitely recommend.
Integrity Electrical Services
Winchester VA
Sharon is very knowledgeable of horses and their care and training. Her riding instructor/trainer is also knowledgeable and patient. I am very comfortable with the care my mares receive and am glad I am back in the saddle again. 
Jody Cadd
Very loving & fun atmosphere. Sharon’s love for horses shines through the moment you meet & start talking to her. I had the opportunity to sit in on a few moments of a lesson and Alicia is awesome! Her client was a young child and she was very safe And interactive with the lesson. Chose Raynor’s for all your lessons & boarding ! You WILL NOT be dissapointed! 
Riley Sine
Riding Instructor
A little over a year ago I was looking for a place to board my Missouri Foxtrot, Mae. She has some unique needs as she is a rescue who had previously foundered badly and can be a cantankerous mare. (Aren't they all?) Sharon and her crew at Raynor's farm love Mae. They have helped her to settle down and be comfortable. She is currently the best version of herself! Sharon and her trainer continue to help us work through new "scary" things, so we can live our best life together. We Love Raynor's Hilltop Farm!" 
Amy Hepner