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312 Fairview Road, Gore, VA 22637-1912
Phone: (540) 336-4070
Hours for Visitors:
Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday - CLOSED so all can WORSHIP!

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Please see more pictures below...riding camp memories!
Thomas and Caper
Kelsey and Joey
Carlee and Rosie
Kylie and Dolly
Deb and Dolly
Deb and Rosie
Kelsey and Rosie, Deb and Dolly, Thomas and Caper, Carlee and Joey
Kelsey and Caper
Thomas and Rosie
Kylie and Rosie
Thomas and Joey
Thomas and Dolly
Carlee and Rosie, Kylie and Dolly, Emily and Lil Red, Thomas and Caper, Kelsey and Joey
Carlee and Rosie, Kylie and Dolly, Emily and Lil Red, Thomas and Caper, Kelsey and Joey
Carlee and Rosie, Kylie and Dolly, Emily and Lil Red, Thomas and Caper, Kelsey and Joey
These pictures are great!  All of the riders improved a lot over 5 days of riding.  They gained confidence, balance, control and enthusiasm about riding and horses!  I am very proud of each and everyone for all their hard work and constant effort!
Just look at all those smiles...these wonderful riders not only gained by riding their horses, they then had enough confidence to try each others! 
These riders were very proud of themselves for going on a trail ride.  This was a huge accomplishment for them and their horses. 

Once again I am also very proud of all of them!  They really dug in and worked to learn, be safe and have FUN! 
The horses reward was a bath and horse cookies for all! 

The riders reward...barbecue, fellowship and having parents come out to talk about their week!

A special thanks to my good friend, Deb, for helping and making this all happen! 
Carlee and Rosie, Kylie and Dolly, Emily and Lil Red, Thomas and Caper, Kelsey and Joey
Emily and Lil Red
To: 312 Fairview Road
Gore, VA 22637
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We have driving directions and a map at the bottom of the page for your convenience!
You can bring and board your horse for use in any of these camps.  The fee is $70.00 for pasture board for the week and includes hay.
Each day the campers will feed, groom, tack, ride and un-tack their assigned horse.  Friday all instructor approved campers age 9 & above, can go on a small trail ride!
After riding each day we will have a small discussion about saddles, bridles, grooming supplies, teeth care, hoof care, health care or  a demonstration in one of those areas! 
Our camp is unique only 4 to 6 campers per camp...we give individual attention to each camper! 
$50.00 due with registration and the remaining due the first day of camp.
The week long camps for ages 9 & above on Friday at 12pm can invite parents to come and have a barbecue with their campers to end a wonderful week of learning  all aspects of horses and horsemanship!
Whatever our camper's skills, interests, or size, we customize to suit his or her particular needs!
Instructors then keep a close eye on both children and equines to insure a positive experience between camper and horse.
The well kept farm is clean and safe. All horses are schooled on regular basis to be sure they can be at the top of their game. They are shod and wormed regularly, and they have their annual vaccinations. Each horse is on a feeding program appropriate for its needs.
Some of our horses even see equine chiropractors and massage therapists! We take good care of our horses to ensure they take care
of their riders!

Riding Camps Offered
Ages 5 - 8 Youth Camp
8:00am - 6:00pm
We will provide 2 snacks this day, please bring a packed lunch.

Ages 9 & above Beginner Camp
8:00am - 12:00pm
Monday - Friday